YBe Event at Tui Treat, Waiatarua on June 1st, 2012

Liquid Gold Echo on Saturday 23rd of June

What: Thank you party for Liquid Gold Halo Moon contributors and Goodbye to YBe Tui Treat

Where: 25 Tui Crescent, Waiatarua

When: 6.30pm onwards, Saturday 23rd of June. RSVP: by Friday please

Hosts: Jenny, Milan, Sandi, Jay & Anne

Bring: Plate for potluck dinner & Friends

Parking: Please park well and close on the left side of Tui Crescent itself avoiding any neighbours driveways. Walk up the driveway to us at #25. Thank you!

Thank you to all contributors

Thank you to all helpers, performers, models, sponsors and key people on the day (Liquid Gold Halo Moon on June 1st) as well as all guests who attended and made the event a lovely one.

We hope you all felt appreciated and our sincere gratitude goes to all of you for all your input, energy, time and effort for the night, lead up to and afterwards.

From all of us here at YBe Tui Treat and the team for the Liquid Gold Halo Moon event we want to say thanks and express our heartfelt appreciation.

Liquid Gold Echo on Saturday 23rd of June

We want to invite you to the Liquid Gold Echo party which is to thank you for your efforts and will be an opportunity to hang out, have more of a social gathering and relaxed party, so we can all share and chat and enjoy each others company and for us to honour you for your contribution to the LGHM event. So please come along and celebrate, hang out and enjoy with us here again at YBe Tui Treat.

Saturday 23rd June, from 6.30pm onwards Bring a plate for potluck dinner (surnames A–M savoury/dinner type food, N-Z dessert or snack type food) and we have special bottles of Landmark wine here for sale at amazing discounted prices to support our local vineyard, one of them also to give away as a prize.

Please invite along anyone you know that had also wanted to attend the event on June 1st, and couldn’t, and anyone aligned with what we are doing here as the YBe Creative Collaborative Collective.

Goodbye beautiful YBe Tui Treat!

Thank you to everyone who has been part of events, projects and celebration of YBe Tui Treat and the work and production that has been going on here. I am glad so many people have visited here to share with Team and I through this journey. We are moving from here shortly and setting up in a new location, so one part of the evening on the 23rd is to talk through with anyone interested as we are looking for people who are aligned with what the YBe Team are doing and want to be part of next steps.

Moreover, we want to say thank you and to hang out, and gather, so please come along and enjoy the sanctuary we have here for the last time before we move out. This is a beautiful and magical setting and has been a pleasure and honour to Be here and we hope you will come to share in the experience. We are looking forward to seeing you here!

Your help can make a difference

Completion of NZ collection. If anyone wants to be part of the finalising of the next 2 weeks here at YBe Tui Treat then please let me (jenny@ybe.co.nz) know. You can be part of some of the creation of the garments were there are spots for people to do some sewing, painting, weaving, and so on, where I will show you what to do and you can continue on with them, as we all work together in a team producing amazing work. See some of the existing collection pieces on the YBe Website www.ybe.co.nz/photo-gallery/conceptual-designs and see some of the garments on our amazing Models at the LGHM event here www.liquidgoldhalomoon.wordpress.com

There is also some admin to do, such as PA work, follow up of events and plans for next ones, facebook and website work. I really appreciate any help or contributions anyone would like to give and also with a view to being included in the next few projects that are lined up and coming soon. We are working towards offering various paid positions, so let me know if you are keen and want to do anything towards this.

Sign up to updates to stay connected

More pics from Liquid Gold Halo Moon on June 1st have been uploaded and also you can order the professional ones taken on the night for yourselves through us or Bhavik directly. We will let you know on the LGHM official website. If you have already registered in the sign up form then thank you, otherwise, please do that so we can keep you posted for this event and for the next one: www.liquidgoldhalomoon.wordpress.com right hand side – ‘sign up for updates’  …   Or directly here: http://eepurl.com/meAnz

If anyone feels like bringing things to share, music, poetry, visions, anything for the evening please do, everything is welcome.

Bring yourself and friends and let’s enjoy! Also of course, if anyone would like to shop then we have eftpos up and running and the order book open, and remember we have special Landmark wine by the bottle for sale.

Thank you for your support, involvement and connection.

We hope we can keep honouring each other and our parts to play and aid the change in the world to a more social-connected-sharing-reciprocal-compassionate environment.

With love and light,

Jenny* the Jennerator, Milan, Sandi, Jay and Anne

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