YBe Event at Tui Treat, Waiatarua on June 1st, 2012


Many people were involved in making this event happen. These pages are our way of saying thank you to everyone and for acknowledging helping hands and sponsors.

Thank you to:

Our hosts Jenny, Milan and Sandi for organising and bringing the event to life. Also the rest of the Tui Treat housemates and housecats for their providing space and being part of the day, especially Jay for his Graphic Design help for the website banner and being the runner and in house event help.

All guests, friends and friends of friends and helpers all dressed up, beautiful, cheerful, happy, wonderful, friendly, connecting, enjoying and being here as part of the evening.

The Models and all our Performers & Artists who came to help make the night a success! See their info on the Model and Performers pages. Being Beautiful and doing their thing, and doing it well!

To those who had mutiple roles and for being great at multitasking and being really into it all.

Sue Burns for providing the PA system and helping to set that up as well as organising and guiding the other musicians. Also for her wonderful singing and beautiful voice and presence.

Stevi Anand for the lovely corner display on the Deck and beautiful welcoming music as well as brilliant backing music for the Fashion Show. Thank you for help arranging the Marquee.

Gene for the Marquee as the stage setting for performers. Kwik-N-Ezy Marquees: www.kwiknezy.co.nz

Zora Vitasovich at Landmark Estate Wines for the Wine and Port. 132 Bruce McLaren Rd, Oratia. www.landmarkestate.co.nz

Chris Wilkey for the additional themed lighting to set and beautify the scene, the Gold Halo, entrance and atrium lights and placing of fairy lights. Added class, presence and elements of the evening theme Liquid Gold Halo Moon.

Cathy Kell for the many wonderful Fairy lights.

Peter Brierley Millman for the beautiful Tui projections in the lounge and the outside spotlights for the Catwalk and Stage performance area.

Vincent Eastwood from ‘Infectiousfilms’ for lighting and set up help and videoing of the event. http://www.youtube.com/user/eastwoodvincent

Ryan van Heerden for taking scene, set up and preparation shots as well as in the moment and crowd photographs during the evening. Also thanks for delivering the CD of pics so promptly.  www.egopic.com

Bhavik Kumar -‘ You Snapped’ for the wonderful Photography of the event and of all our wonderful Guests and Models. The portraits and best dressed shots, yay, Terrific! If you would like to order prints of your portrait pics please contact the Hosts and we will arrange for you with Bhavik. www.yousnapped.co.nz

Courtney and Chrissy from Rutherford School for kitchen, preparation, serving and catering help for the evening. Brilliantly done and great Sushi enjoyed by all!

Jennifer Lawn for being one of the Chefs in the kitchen and helping greatly with food prep and managing the goings on. Then being one of the fantastic Models in the show- Criss Cross Poi.

James Mathieson for also jumping in and helping and organising where needed in the kitchen and also being our fantastic Male Model – Kauri Man.

Ryan McCallum for being the finest, friendliest, gracious and best dressed Bartender there ever were. Wonderfully concocting our Cocktails and other drinks for the night. As well as help with set up of the Bar prior to evening comencement.

Tyson Clapperton for his focused and neverceasing support as Bar assistant. Taking on the responsibility of this role with a suave determination to do a job well, and well done it was.

Maddy Clapperton for her unwaivering attendance to the models and as assistant to the doorman and to be a runner for anything and everything needed. With eagerness and constant smile we were blessed to have her presence for the evening.

Shane Mason our great Doorman, welcoming and hosting guests and making everyone comfortable and getting all to participate in the making of our connected Moon Mirror Mosaic.

Graham for being part of the event and helping lots to get set up and tidy up afterwards.

Deborah Lawson for her wonderful Quin Essense Aromatherapy oil, the lovely and subtle scent that was drifting through the Gallery & Bar. This exquisite aroma was developed especially for the event and can be ordered on request.

Mike Padfield from NZ Bridal Fashion week for encouragement with Jenny’s NZ Collection and moving to greater heights, also cheers for eftpos machine sorting, and generally helping where possible.

Sandi: Co-host, planning, organising some great helpers! food, model, list goes on…

Milan: Co-host, planning, structure, discussion, encouragement, right hand man, website, food, amazing support throughout.

Jenny: Host, planning, organising, website updates, event info, managing performers, organising helpers, delegating, models and fashion show, phew!

Thank you from Liquid Gold Halo Moon and all of us involved, thank you to each other for being connected in and making this a success, only possible by the help given from each of us to each other to create a unified whole to bring something like this together. We hope you and more will be involved with the next event, more helpers will help and more connections will bring  the journey about a little easier, so please contact us to take part, thank you again.

Jenny & The YBe Tui Treat Team.

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