YBe Event at Tui Treat, Waiatarua on June 1st, 2012

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LGHM – All Photos


LGHM – All Photos.  You can also browse by Guest, Performer and Fashion Show by visiting this Collection

Yay! Photos from the Event are up. Check them out! Remember to sign up for updates (right hand side button) to be notified of more photos going up. ENJOY!

Thank you Ryan van Heerden from egopic.com for all of these wonderful photographs! Much gratitude and appreciation! You are a Star.


Check out our awesome line up of performances!

Have a look at the Performers page… we will be adding more info about each soon with pics and bio and links!

here is just a taste: Sue Burns, Marcus Burgoyne, Kerryn, Stevi Anand, Mamaku Project, Jenny Lyn Walker, Divine Models, David & Kate, Sadra, Paul Saunders….. yay! Come and join us to celebrate and Be entertained and Be involved!

A Glimpse of Beauty at YBe Tui Treat, Rainbows and Models!!

Preparations are well underway here at YBe Tui Treat

People are asking us all the time why do you call it ‘Tui Treat’?! Here is a Hint… it’s that place at the end of the Rainbow where you find the pot of Gold, a place where you can feel at Home as soon as you have arrived. This is a Treat for all the senses where you can arrive and Treat others with your presence, by opening up in this Sanctuary and discovering the Gold within, the Gold of Generosity, Joy, Kindness and Creativity. These are the qualities we are coming together to celebrate this coming Friday!

We had a rehearsal the other day for Fridays Fashion Show with the models in some of my Award winning Designs. Check them out! Modelled here by two of our Glamorous rising stars in the Modelling scene, looking as beautiful as ever! More to see here this Friday!