YBe Event at Tui Treat, Waiatarua on June 1st, 2012

Jenny Lyn Walker

Jenny Lyn Walker: Fashion Designer, Inspirational Motivator and Transformation & Expression Medium.

Award winning NZ Fashion Designer, Jenny Lyn provides unique one off custom design garments. Wearable art merged into Fashion becoming Sculptural Fashion Art pieces that can be displayed as artwork as well as worn. From individual custom made to fit to everyday wear, whatever budget, occasion or body shape. Jenny Lyn’s YBe Design range helps inspire people to express and to just Be themselves, YBe? Why Be? Why are we here? Just Be! Be Yourself! Be Your Best self!

Jenny Lyn also has a Styling, Transformation and Expression service and also Inspirational Motivating consultations for anybody. Helping you to be yourself and express yourself through your clothes aiding to live a conscious and purposeful life. The work is ‘Shaped to Fit’ and anything can be made and worn to uniquely express You!


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