YBe Event at Tui Treat, Waiatarua on June 1st, 2012

Milan Holzapfel

I have recently joined the crew at Tui Treat as a flatmate and was asking Jenny about whether there would be a party soon, and in response she asked me whether I would like to co-host an event with her and Sandi. I said “yes”, not knowing quite what I’d signed up for, and we started giving form to the idea of creating quite a special event her, which evolved into Liquid Gold Halo Moon

My background is in web technology and intentional community and I love helping my friends and local business owners take advantage of the latest web technology to help streamline and elevate their enterprises and projects.

If you have  business in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand and you want to use the internet to get more customers, consider discussing your needs with a local marketing consultant, me!

For Liquid Gold Halo Moon I have been working with Jenny to develop the concept and business model of the event, as well as set up this blog site, an email list and Paypal payment system.

The logo has been created by Jay, our flatmate here at Tui Treat and the majority of the content is by Jenny.

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