YBe Event at Tui Treat, Waiatarua on June 1st, 2012

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YouSnapped pics of Liquid Gold Halo Moon are looking great :-)

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Or see the slideshow on Flickr!

And here is the link to the Flickr collection, to share on Facebook 🙂

You can order prints through YouSnapped.co.nz, here is the gallery on Bhavik’s site.


LGHM – All Photos


LGHM – All Photos.  You can also browse by Guest, Performer and Fashion Show by visiting this Collection

Yay! Photos from the Event are up. Check them out! Remember to sign up for updates (right hand side button) to be notified of more photos going up. ENJOY!

Thank you Ryan van Heerden from egopic.com for all of these wonderful photographs! Much gratitude and appreciation! You are a Star.